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SNAK Selskabsspil - LIFE STORIES

SNAK Selskabsspil - LIFE STORIES

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Start the conversations about life as we live it.

Let this pack of conversation cards provide the framework for listening to - and for sharing - some of life's most important stories with your loved ones. Be curious as you listen to stories from your parents or grandparents - or create a different and more intimate conversation with your friends about life.

Listen carefully as cards like these are turned: Talk about your first friendship. Talk about a significant turning point in your life. Or: What do you sometimes have to remind yourself of?

The conversation cards can be played as a game or used as a form of interview. Whoever draws the card asks the question.

How to play: 
There are two questions on each card. A player draws a card. The player then decides who must answer, and which of the two questions to ask.

While the second player is speaking and answering the question, any other players are welcome to ask clarifying questions - keeping in mind that the player answering the question should be the centre of attention. Be careful not to take over the conversation, but do your best to be an attentive listener.

When the second player is done speaking, that person then draws a new card and selects the next player to answer one of the questions.

The conversation cards can be played as a game or used as a form of interview.

The game consists of 55 cards with 110 questions and 1 card describing the rules.

Example of questions on conversation cards:

  • Tell us about how you came into this world.
  • Describe a person or situation from your childhood that profoundly affected your view of life.
  • Tell us about one of your first memories.
  • What inventions do you remember the most?
  • Tell us about a milestone in your life.
  • Did your parents have a good and happy marriage?
  • Tell us about a significant turning point in your life.
  • What responsibilities did you have at home when you were young?
  • Tell about an episode in your life when you had a lots of doubts.
  • What memories do you have of your siblings from growing up?
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